At Jog Lantana Animal Clinic, we welcome new clients and look forward to coming together to form a mutually respectful long-term bond that focuses on your pet. As a thank you for considering our practice, we’re happy to offer a Welcome promotional package, a $270+ value for ONLY $ 165.00. Find following details:

  • Comprehensive physical examination

This head-to-tail examination includes, but is not limited to, vital signs, weight, and the evaluation of the following: Coat and skin, Eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, gums, Heart, lungs, abdomen, legs, and paws.

  • Chemistry profile and complete blood count (CBC)

A blood chemistry profile, including SDMA (specific test for early Kidney issues detection) , provides information about your dog’s kidneys, liver, as well as other functions of the body, such as blood sugar and hydration. A CBC can identify infection, inflammation, and anemia.

  • Fecal test:

This test checks for intestinal parasites that may live in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. Since they are usually hidden from view, the only way to detect and identify most intestinal parasites is by doing a fecal test.

  • 10% discount on any Vaccine