Support Staff

Bethsabet Mejia


Some may say you choose your pet, honestly, I believe they chose us. From a very young age my attention was always drown to any type of furry friends.

Cheri Sparrow

Front Desk

I’d been working at the Jog Lantana Animal Clinic for over 20 years, following my dreams of being part of a veterinary team, everything started with our beloved Dr. Toma and now my journey continues with Dr. Delbene, I love how I feel, like I work with family.

Gabrielle Ruiz

Room Assistant

My name is Gabrielle Ruiz. I am currently pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine and aspire to be a small animal surgeon. Working with animals gives me a sense of purpose and I believe that helping animals is helping the purest form of life.

Juliana Orozco


One of my joys in life is helping pets. Since a child I knew I wanted to work with animals. I had the privilege to work with some amazing doctors in Quakertown, PA. My family and I decided to move to warmer climate about a year ago.

Ray Rivera

Room Coordinator-Technician

Passionate, dedicated, and motivated veterinary technician! Offering compassion, positivity, and love for animals for 7+ years. I have dedicated my life to helping and healing animals. I would never choose to be or do anything else in this moment.


Clinic Cat

Jog joined the clinic in 2019 just two months after Dr. Delbene bought the clinic. He was a stray kitty that a client brought to find him a home, and he got it!

Bogo Lantana

Clinic Cat

In July of 2019, he was brought to us for boarding. Due to his weight, his owner was unable to keep him, since he loved to lay on her chest. While staying with us, we could not help but falling in love with him! That is how Bogo came to be part of our family.