Our fully equipped facility will allow our compassionate staff to provide your pet with the highest quality diagnostic, anesthetic, and surgical care.

If you ever notice something that isn’t quite right with your pet, such as loss of appetite or energy, you shouldn’t wait for your next annual visit to bring it up to the clinic. If you observe any alarming changes in your pet’s health or behavior, book an appointment with us, because these changes could be early signs of disease. The veterinarians at Jog Lantana Animal Clinic are trained to diagnose all kinds of illnesses and design the best treatment plan for your pet’s specific needs. In addition, our clinic is equipped with an array of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, which help our doctors identify illnesses and other problems quickly and with high accuracy.

At Jog Lantana Animal Clinic, we are proud to offer our clients a complete diagnostic laboratory. Our In - House laboratory machines can perform complete blood cell counts, complete chemistry panels, including liver, kidney, and pancreatic enzyme function tests, glucose, electrolytes, and complete Urinalysis. Additionally, our hospital can send samples out to a diagnostic laboratory ensuring that we have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities.