Some may say you choose your pet, honestly, I believe they chose us. From a very young age my attention was always drown to any type of furry friends. After volunteering in my first animal shelter in Cliffside Park, New Jersey for my High school community hours for 3 years, my passion to help all fur babies grew.

After moving to Florida in 2015, my journey in the pet industry initiated. I gather my experience in Doggy hotels as well as in grooming, learning behavioral and simple maintenance aspects of their everyday life. Once I dipped my toes in the medicine side of pets my curiosity about them expanded. After a year of studying behavioral aspects of all fur babies I left my grooming and daycare job to start in a veterinarian clinic. Ever since I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some amazing doctors, from Dental specialist to an Exotic animal practice. For the next 6 years my knowledge and compassion flourished. Every day is a new start to helping the voiceless be heard and healed.

As an animal lover and advocate I have a few babies of my own. I have 3 doggies whose names are Loki, Trouble and Trooper and one kitty whose name is Sushi. My favorite pass time is being able to cuddle up with all my fur babies and watch all types of movies, we also love to go on trails and road trips.