Sooner or later, you’ll need to seek surgery care for your beloved pet. From spaying and neutering to tumor removal and wound repair, the decision for certain treatments and procedures can be hard to swallow.

This is why it’s important to find an experienced pet surgeon who can help you navigate turbulent times with a level head. They can help make hard decisions easier and provide the best care options.

Read on to learn the top three characteristics of a quality pet surgeon in Lake Worth, FL!


Pet surgeons and veterinarians alike need to have compassion for the animals they work with no matter how long they have been working. Although compassion can be hard to quantify, you’ll be able to notice it through little actions from your veterinarian, such as:

Giving pets treats after their visit

Taking time to get to know your pet

Listening to you and asking follow-up questions

Being sensitive to the owner’s emotions

When it comes to taking care of older pets and discussing the option of euthanasia, veterinarians need to be honest while remaining compassionate. This means remaining factual but sensitive to the pet owner’s feelings.

Skilled Communicator

Pet surgeons need to be able to communicate with pet owners about the procedures they’re recommending, why those procedures are necessary, and the aftercare of your pet afterward.

Even more importantly, they need to be able to explain in layman’s terms so that you’re clear about each step going forward. Being a skilled communicator also includes listening to your experiences and concerns.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Veterinarians and pet surgeons need to make quick decisions when it comes to treating pets in emergency situations. They also need to give the best advice based on evidence if pets are suffering from illnesses that they believe they can’t treat.

They should also understand that since pet owners see their pets as families, they may argue with the recommended treatment plans. If this is the case, presenting the right evidence to pet owners can help them get on board and do what’s best for their pets.

Treat Your Pet Right With a Quality Pet Surgeon in Lake Worth, FL
By taking the time to find a quality pet surgeon in Lake Worth, FL, you can be assured that your pets are getting the best of care.

Pay attention to the way both the staff and the veterinarians communicate with you–do they listen or talk over you? Are they good at explaining complex topics in an understandable way?

Evidence-based decision-making also plays a large role in whether you can depend on your veterinarian or not. They can help you understand why they’re recommending certain treatment plans versus others.

If your pet is in need of quality care, request an appointment with us today to get started!