Spaying and neutering is the humane choice for animals, but did you know it comes with health benefits as well? Many people fear or misunderstand the importance of spaying and neutering for dogs, but it is actually a beneficial procedure. If you are not planning on intentionally breeding your dog, talk to our vet surgeon in Lake Worth FL about the how and why you should consider spaying or neutering your dog.

The right time to spay or neuter your dog depends on their breed. Some larger breeds may need to wait until the puppy is over a year old before they can get spayed or neutered. This is because larger breed dogs may experience orthopedic problems if they are fixed too early. However, gender may also be a factor in determining the right time for your dog to get spayed or neutered. Female dogs have an increased risk of mammary cancer with each heat cycle, so earlier may be better in those cases. Small breed dogs should be spayed or neutered before six months because they typically are not affected by orthopedic issues like large breed dogs. To learn more about when you should have your dog spayed or neutered, contact our vet surgeon in Lake Worth FL. Our team can complete a full workup and help you determine the best time for your dog to have their procedure completed.

There are many health benefits that come with spaying and neutering. These benefits include lowering or eliminating your pet's risk of developing:

-mammary tumors
-uterine cancers
-ovarian cancers
-testicular cancers
-prostate diseases

Our vet surgeon in Lake Worth FL also recommends spaying and neutering in dogs to help curb unwanted behaviors. These behaviors include roaming, mating, and aggression. A pet that has been sterilized will be less likely to pick up diseases, they will be generally calmer, and overall more content in their living environment. Dogs that have not been fixed will be more likely to roam and get lost. This can put them at a higher risk for injury and they could be lost, hit by a car, or taken in by someone who thinks they are a stray. Spaying and neutering eliminates their feelings of wanting to go mate, and so they will be more content to stay at home.

Of course, the major reason to spay or neuter your dog is to stop them from causing unwanted litters. The overpopulation of stray animals throughout the US has reached crisis levels. Shelters are crowded and it can be difficult to find loving homes for every animal in need. Doing your part to control the stray animal population is the humane decision for your pet if you are not intentionally breeding them. Sterilization of dogs can prevent the possible euthenasia of unwanted animals in the future. While it would be wonderful to find every dog a loving home, it is simply not possible in many instances. Choosing to prevent unwanted litters can give animals in shelters a better chance at finding a new lease on life.

To learn more about the benefits of spaying and neutering for dogs, contact our vet surgeon in Lake Worth FL. You can book your pet's next appointment by calling (561) 964-3144.